Dear Self-Doubting Darling —

You need to hear this.

Good Shit

You ARE worthy.

When you’re stuck with a day, that’s grey, and lonely…

Remember where you are

You are exactly who you are today.

Not who you were yesterday, or last week, or five years ago. That’s a relief! You don’t want to go back there — old skin doesn’t fit well, and it probably smells a little funny too.

You’re not who you will be in the future. Sometimes that gets you down, but the truth is that person doesn’t even exist. Aren’t you glad you exist?! Take a deep whiff of your coffee, or run your fingers lightly down the skin on your arm. Isn’t that nice? Future you wouldn’t know anything about that.

I know it’s a challenge to be present, but isn’t everything in life a challenge? Hell, even binging Netflix has struggles. I mean, there’s a cap to the amount of comfy positions you can manifest. Snacks always sound good, but once they’re gone, your thighs are full and your soul is fucking empty.

And don’t even get me started about finishing that one really good show and not knowing what to follow it with! Anyway, at that point, your brain is static and your heart is numb. You have to start living that Crank lifestyle — snorting adrenaline just to feel something.

This could be you.

So, take a deep breath. Yer in a pretty good spot. Working on something that scares you a little bit (okay a lotta bit), and taking it one step at a time. Realistically, shit’s as good as it can be right now. There are no do-overs for the build-up to this moment, so you need to focus on your wins today.

Remember who you are

You’ve made it this far, kid…can you believe that?

Think about all the shit you’ve been through! Think about the times you almost didn’t make it. But guess what? You fucking did. Time and time again — you’ve been pulling through since birth. And it ain’t been no joy ride.

Every challenge you’ve faced since day one has been overcome. Pretty impressive record, right? Do you remember any of them being pleasant in the moment? Hell no! But it sure felt good to get over the worst of it and rise up.

You can actually look back and laugh at some of that darkness meow. What a fucking champion. Seriously, have a cookie. A cookie. Don’t you dare go drowning in an entire pack of oreos. That’s not how you roll (anymore).

Feel that boss-ass power and use it to throw some confidence into your current project. Because even if that shit flops, you’re gonna come out on top. Again.

Cheers Baller

Remember what you are

You’re a fucking artist.

Don’t argue. You’re a creative human with real-ass emotions and ideas. What’s more is that you are unique. Ain’t nobody in the world like you, not a damn soul. Not even if they tried.

You belong in the world — your art belongs in the world. No matter what medium you choose. You’re saturated with it. All you need to do is wring it out of you, and cook it up into something that makes you mouthgasm.

The only way to discover your favorite recipe is to try some shit. When that shit doesn’t get the results you want, try some new shit. Keep the good shit, and scrap the bad shit. And when you do find the ultimate cocktail — drink that shit UP.

Get weird. And stay weird.

The world is forever hungry — there’s no time limit, and there’s no cap on how much you can feed it. So keep slingin’ them cupcakes, any flavor your dark little mind can invent. You never know what the little piggies are gonna go wild for. And you never will if you don’t put it out there.

follow wormwood for periodic weird.


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